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Scrum: Role of the managers in the department after introduction of Scrum

Before a team changes over to using Scrum as their development methodology, the role of the managers tend to be critical. They are typically busy the whole time (even though the team would joke about the manager pushing the team hard and relaxing themselves); this gets to be very critical when the schedule is under […]

What happens when your product is not stable close to release date ? – Part 3

In the previous post in this series (Getting advice from the team about status), I talked about the importance of making sure that feedback from the team is not crushed, and that people are not put in a position where they feel that they are doing something against the organization when they report status that […]

How does the role of managers change when the team starts implementing Scrum ?

This is always a tricky question, and one that I have seen emerge in the minds of managers many times. Once a team starts implementing Scrums, one of the biggest issues is about the role of managers, what they are expected to do. I have seen reactions from managers, once they start seeing the task […]

Properties of a test / QA / QE Manager

Testing is a vital and critical part of the overall software development process, and is very important that the overall testing environment have the right mix of aggression and thoroughness. A large amount of this attitude comes from the person who leads the testing team. So, what makes a good QA or Test manager? There […]