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Fiber Optics – a type of transmission media?

– Fiber Optics is the fastest growing transmission media in the field of communication. – An optical fiber is a fiber made up of transparent glass material called silica or sometimes plastic and is quite flexible. – An optical fiber has a thickness somewhat more than a human hair. – It is known to serve […]

Baseband Coaxial Cable – a type of transmission media

– Base band coaxial cable is one of the most common types of transmission media. – Most of the times it is also called coax in short. – This is a type of very high capacity cabling and its use is widespread in the field of telephone signals transmission, digital audio signals and television signals […]

Twisted Pair – a type of transmission media

– In this type of wiring media from a single circuit, two conductors are taken and twisted together so that they can cancel out the EMI (electromagnetic interference) from each other as well as external sources. – External sources of interference include crosstalk between the pair of neighboring conductors and electromagnetic radiation from the UTP […]