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Getting the Scrum team to start using video conferencing

For years, there were many arguments relating to not using video conferencing for meetings. Many of you would already know them, they relate to lack of equipment, about the timing of meetings and so on. However, there are many advantages of video-conferencing for the meetings that happen as a part of Scrum. Being able to […]

Daily Scrum: See this initially as an overhead by the team

The Daily Scrum meeting is an important part of the meetings that happen as a part of the meetings under Scrum. It is the meeting that happens most often, and is a very important part of making Scrum effective and productive for the team. What is the basic purpose of the Daily Scrum. It acts […]

Daily Scrum: Avoid having anyone type on a computer in the meeting

The Daily Scrum meeting is one of the most important meetings that happen for teams that are using the Scrum based development methodology. It is a meeting where the team come together for a quick period of time to share their updates with each other and also figure out if there are any issues that […]

Scrum: Forcing the Daily Scrum meeting to end in 15 minutes

The Daily Scrum meeting is an important meeting for those who are part of a Scrum team. The Daily Scrum meeting is the meeting where each team members learns from the other team members about their tasks and their progress; with the 3 stated objectives of the Daily Scrum meeting being: – What has the […]