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List out the characteristics of Local Area Network?

LAN or local area network is one of the types of computer networks. This type lets you establish a network in a limited area such as in a school, laboratory, office or home using any of the communication technologies available.

Characteristics of Local Area Network

The characteristics that define a local area network and […]

What is meant by network security?

Security is a thing of vital importance in every day’s life. One needs security in almost every pace of life and this holds good for networking too. Our lives are now so much involved with networking that we share a lot of personal info over the net for the various purposes such as social networking, […]

What is Internet and Intranet? List out the differences between the two?

– All over the world we have a global system of computer networks that are interconnected through the TCP/ IP (i.e., the internet protocol suite). This global system is commonly known as the Internet. – It can be called as a collection of network or network of networks. – This global system consists of a […]

What is mutation testing?

– Mutation testing is one of the most prominently used software testing methodology. – This is the testing methodology involving modification of the code of the software or the byte code. – The modifications are made such that they are small but inflict a significant change in the software system or application. – Two other […]