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Scrum: Trying to track the velocity at an individual basis

It has long been stated that if you want to figure out how to improve the productivity of the team, you need to look at tracking the productivity of each team member, looking at places where their productivity can be improved. This is also related to tracking their actual work taken against estimates that they […]

Different types of end-user metrics

Typically, metrics in software are meant to mean something related to capturing lines of code, number of defects, or some other measurements related to software quality. User metrics is something entirely different, meant to try to capture data relating to the customers usage of the software. The advantages that you get out of such capturing […]

Product Development: Planning for metrics

What are metrics ? Metrics are becoming an increasingly important part of capturing all sorts of information about the product and about the interaction of users with the software system. If you are looking for a definition, here it is: A software metric is a measure of some property of a piece of software or […]