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What is top – down integration testing?

– Integration testing is forming or integrating various individual units in to one and testing them as one unit. – Integration testing lies between unit testing and system testing. – It should be carried out before validation testing. – The units or the modules that have passed the unit tests successfully can only be subjected […]

About International Standard ISO/IEC 9126

– The international standard ISO/IEC 9126 is associated with the product quality in the field of software engineering. – This standard was developed with the fundamental objective of addressing some very common human biases that are said to have an adverse effect of the perception with which the software is developed and its delivery as […]

What is a Hashing algorithm?

– Hashing algorithm is another name for the hash functions or subroutines that are used for mapping the data sets of fixed length and data sets of variable length. – For example, the name of an object is of variable length and it could be hashed or mapped to an integer which is of fixed […]

What are security issues with wireless transmission?

The way the communication takes place between the computers in a network is being rapidly affected by the wireless networking technology. At some point where the wireless network technology offers convenience in making connections between the networks via mobile computing devices, it has also introduced a number of security issues that one may not find […]