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Explain routing concept in networking?

Routing can be defined as the process of paths selection along which the traffic has to be sent in a network. Routing concept holds good for different kinds of network such as the following: – Telephone networks or circuit switching networks – Electronic data networks or internet – Transportation networks

Here we focus on routing […]

What is meant by network security?

Security is a thing of vital importance in every day’s life. One needs security in almost every pace of life and this holds good for networking too. Our lives are now so much involved with networking that we share a lot of personal info over the net for the various purposes such as social networking, […]

What is meant by network performance?

Performance, security and resilience are three most important factors of any network. In this article we focus up on the performance factor.

– The quality of the service of the telecommunications product is what is referred to as the network performance. – But this is the definition as perceived by the user of the […]