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What are features of Dynamic NAT? What exactly does it do?

Dynamic NAT used for mapping an unregistered IP address to a particular registered IP address selected from among a bunch of registered IP addresses. Overloading is a kind of dynamic NAT for mapping more than one unregistered IP addresses to one registered IP address through different ports.

Features of Dynamic NAT

– The major […]

Explain InterVLAN Routing?

InterVLAN routing is one of major concepts that should be understood in order to understand the working of VLANs. For all the devices lying within a VLAN, Layer 3 routing is not required for communicating with one another. On the other hand, the devices that are located in separate VLANs, a layer 3 routing device […]

What are different dynamic routing protocols?

About Dynamic Routing

– Dynamic routing or the adaptive routing is the type of routing using the routing protocols for the construction of the routing tables. – Routing protocols carry information which is used for constructing the tables. – This allows a network to act in an autonomous way, thus leaving no place for the […]

What are three main types of routing?

Routing can be classified into three major types namely static routing, dynamic routing and the combined static and dynamic routing. In this article we center our discussion up on these 3 routing types.

What is Static Route?

– A route that is configured manually by the router is termed as the static route. – […]