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Virtual circuits vs. Circuit switching

What are Virtual Circuits?

– Virtual circuits or VC (in short form) are components of computer networks and telecommunications. – A connection oriented communication service related to the virtual circuits is known as the virtual channel and is provided via the packet mode communication. – Once a virtual circuit or connection has been set up […]

What is meant by routing in a network?

Routing is one of the most important concepts of networking. It is actually a process of paths selection in a network via which the traffic can be sent. Routing can be carried out for a number of different kinds of networks. These networks might include the following: – Telephone network i.e., the circuit switching – […]

What are the characteristics of information network?

– A computer network or an information network can be defined as a collection of computer systems and hardware which are interconnected via many communication channels through which resource and information sharing becomes possible. – In information network, in every device there is at least one process that sends and receives data to and from […]

What are different dynamic routing protocols?

About Dynamic Routing

– Dynamic routing or the adaptive routing is the type of routing using the routing protocols for the construction of the routing tables. – Routing protocols carry information which is used for constructing the tables. – This allows a network to act in an autonomous way, thus leaving no place for the […]