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Satellite vs Fiber transmission

Satellite transmission and the fiber transmission are two of the leading transmission types in the field of communication.

About Communication Satellite – A comsat or the communication satellite is an artificial satellite that is sent in to the space for the purpose of telecommunications. – A variety of the orbits are used by the […]

What are features of Integrated Services Digital Network – ISDN protocol?

ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network represents: – set of communication standards, – these standards enables the digital transmission of video and audio, data, and other various network services simultaneous over the public switched telephone network, – this transmission is through traditional circuits.

Features of ISDN

1. Integration of the data and speech and […]

List out the characteristics of Local Area Network?

LAN or local area network is one of the types of computer networks. This type lets you establish a network in a limited area such as in a school, laboratory, office or home using any of the communication technologies available.

Characteristics of Local Area Network

The characteristics that define a local area network and […]

What is meant by Network Resilience?

Resilience is one of the three important factors concerning networking. In this article we focus up on the network resilience.

About Network Resilience

– In terms of computer networking, it can be defined as the ability of a network by virtue of which it provides as well as maintains the service levels in case of […]