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Trying to optimize on the number of test cases needed for a patch – Part 3

In the second part of this series of articles (Difference between Dot and Patch release), I had written about the differences between a dot and patch release, and started talking about the time involved. In this post, I will write more on this topic, especially about the time involved. I mentioned in the previous post, […]

Product Development – Rolling out the patch

The previous post had thoughts on what are some of the conditions under which a software patch is typically required. Once the decision has been made to make a patch, there are a set of activities that are needed to be done. A patch typically is a miniature version of a complete product development cycle, […]

Product Development – Doing a patcher or a minor release

When doing the planning for a new version of the product (not typically applicable when creating a new product), it sometimes becomes necessary to consider the case of doing a patcher or a minor release (also known as dot release). Picture this scenario – your product development team has already started planning for the features […]