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What are the types of non-functional testing?

Non-functional testing describes itself as the testing of the software’s non-functional requirements. In most of the cases, the names of the various non-functional tests might be used interchangeably since their scopes overlap between various requirements.

Types of Non-Functional Testing

1. Compatibility Testing: This type of testing determines up to what extent the system under […]

What is public-key encryption?

A cryptographic system requires two individual keys and is commonly called as the public-key cryptography. These two keys are:

Public key The secret key

– There exists a mathematical link between these two keys even though they are different. – Out of these, one is used for encrypting or locking the plain text and other […]

Microwave Transmission – a type of wireless transmission

– A type of wireless communication is the microwave transmission. – The technology concerning the transmission of the energy or the information through radio waves (microwaves to be particular) is called the microwave transmission. – Microwaves are the waves whose wavelengths can be measured in few centimeters. – The microwaves lie in the frequency range […]

Twisted Pair – a type of transmission media

– In this type of wiring media from a single circuit, two conductors are taken and twisted together so that they can cancel out the EMI (electromagnetic interference) from each other as well as external sources. – External sources of interference include crosstalk between the pair of neighboring conductors and electromagnetic radiation from the UTP […]