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Comparison between OSI and TCP/IP model.

TCP/IP and OSI models are the two very popular models in the field of inter-networking. In this article, we give a brief comparison between these two protocols. A point to be noted is that the adoption of either protocol does not conflict with the other one because the development of both these protocols took place […]

Explain Operating System Interface OSI Layer 2 – Data Link Layer

About Data Link Layer – OSI Model

– At layer 2 of the OSI model, we have the data link layer. – The basic function of this layer is to provide a means for transferring the data between the elements of the network that is both functional and procedural. – It’s another major function is […]

Explain Operating System Interface OSI Layer 1 – Physical layer

About The Physical Layer – OSI Model

– In OSI model, the first layer that we have is the physical layer. – This layer is known for defining the physical as well as electrical specifications for the devices connected to it. – The relationship between a device and the transmission medium it is using is […]