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Scrum – Feedback from team members over having a PM officer associated with the team – Part 4

The previous post (Allowing a person from the PMO organization to be associated with the Scrum team – Part 3) focused on a Scrum team being told that they could have a Project/Program Management Officer who would help out in their team. For many teams in the organization, there was a recent move to move […]

Why Software Testing Experts use Test Execution Tools for Automation?

What are Test Execution Tools?

– Test execution tools are known by different names such as test running tools, test automation tools, capture and replay tools, test play back tools and so on. – These tools are widely used for automating the testing processes which is not less than a nightmare for the developers. – […]

The Product Owner as the liasion between the Product Management and the Engineering team

The role of the Product Owner is one of the most complex roles in the concept of Scrum. As opposed to the earlier role of the Product Management in a waterfall (or non-Scrum and non-Agile) who would deliver the requirements and provide inputs to the team once in a while, the amount of interfacing with […]

How does the Scrum team decrease the difference between Capacity and Velocity (contd..) ?

I have been writing a series of posts that talk about what a team can do to improve its efficiency, and as a result, improve its velocity (refer previous post). In this post, I will continue with this topic, and provide some more commentary on how to improve the Velocity of a Scrum team. For […]