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What is bottom-up integration testing?

– When the testing is carried out after combining the individual modules in to groups, it is called integration testing. – This testing is carried out after the completion of the unit testing but before proceeding with the validation testing. – The units that have been successful in the unit testing are taken as input […]

What are some of the limitations of unit testing?

About Unit Testing

– Unit testing is defined as a means or a technique using which the individual units in the code of the program can be tested. – This type of testing lets you combine together the different modules of the program and test them as a group or one single unit. This testing […]

Scrum: What to do when people do not turn up for the Daily Scrum meeting ?

This is a problem that rarely happens in mature Scrum teams. In my experience (and based on some discussions with other Scrum Masters), the reason for some of the team members to not make it to the Daily Scrum meeting can be manifold, and it is important to distinguish between not turning up for one […]

Radio Transmission – a type of wireless transmission

Today everyone is familiar with the term ‘radio’ because of the great aspect with which it has touched our lives. When we hear radio the first thing that comes to our mind is FM. Well this is not the only thing. There is much more to this concept. Radio is a type of wireless transmission.