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Is the same amount of time required for Product Backlog Grooming across Sprints ?

So far, in previous posts, we have talked about Product Backlog Grooming primarily being used for preparing and optimizing User Stories for the upcoming Sprint. Of course, in addition, it is also used for refining the overall Product Backlog, weeding out those where it is clear that they will not make it into the product, […]

Product Backlog Grooming – Removing team suggested features

One of the primary items in the Product Backlog Grooming is about having a process whereby the Product Owner and the Scrum team can get together on a regular basis for discussing the items in the Product Backlog and do some of the following: – Removes items that don’t seem relevant – Refines items based […]

Scrum – Product Backlog Grooming – Level of detail and understanding ??

I have been receiving some queries on the previous posts on Product Backlog Grooming (including some by colleagues, who claimed that I might have caused them to become more confused :-), rather than less so). Some of the teams did not have any process comparable to Product Backlog Grooming, and when they read / heard […]

Product Backlog Grooming: Items can change in the actual Sprint

The idea of a Product Backlog Grooming meeting is that the meeting happens on a regular basis, the meeting allows a discussion between the Product Owner and the Scrum team over features and User Stories that are typically meant for the next couple of Sprints. Consider a Sprint Planning meeting where the Product Owner details […]