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Scrum – Some tasks carried out by a Product Owner

When speaking to the Product Management team about the transition to Scrum, they face huge challenges just adjusting to the new role. Many people from management have considered that the role of the Product Manager involves the least amount of transition; it is the team and the managers who have to make the maximum adjustment, […]

Product Backlog Grooming: Should the entire team attend ?

The Product Backlog grooming session is a session where the team along with the Scrum Master and the Product Owner get together in an attempt to go through the User Stories where there is not enough clarity, or where there are liable to many questions or complexity, and ensuring that some level of agreement and […]

Scrum: What is a product backlog grooming (contd) .. more objectives

In the previous post (Product Backlog grooming and objectives), we talked about some objectives that are sought to be attained as a part of the Product Backlog Grooming session. We talked about what the Product grooming session can achieve, and covered items such as updating the Product Backlog to remove older or defunct content, as […]

Scrum: What is a product backlog grooming (contd) .. objectives

In the previous post on the topic of Product Backlog grooming (link), I had talked about what a Product Backlog grooming session is, and presented some details on that. I will provide more details on the Product Backlog grooming in this post, although some of the items in here would be providing more details of […]