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Handling risks within the Scrum team – Product Owner / Scrum Master / Who ?

Risk management is always a ticklish issue in terms of who drives the process and owns it. In a typical non-scrum project, the Project Manager is the one expected to drive and own the risk management process, and also has authority for ensuring that the risks that come up in the project are evaluated and […]

Breaking up a large User Story into smaller parts (contd..)

In the previous post (Breaking up a large User Story into smaller parts (contd..)), we talked about some of the benefits of ensuring that the User Stories are as small and discrete as possible, such as increased accuracy of estimation, better Velocity, helping the Product Owner do a better prioritization, and numerous other benefits. In […]

Breaking up a large User Story into smaller parts

It seems like one of the most obvious statements to make; after all, when you are getting any kind of instructions on the Scrum methodology, one of THE things said is to ensure that the User Stories are short, defining descriptive tasks. It is paramount that the User Story does not describe a large process […]

Breaking up User Stories into smaller Shorter versions: Correct vs incorrect validations

It’s a constant problem. User Stories are defined by the Product Manager, defining apparently bare minimum functionality, and the estimate given by the Scrum team for the task is way beyond a couple of days, in some extreme cases, going even beyond a Sprint cycle. And the Product Owner is told regularly by the Scrum […]