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Advantage of Product Backlog Grooming – gets the team to start thinking

The Product Backlog Grooming is not a process that every team goes through, and I believe that even with teams that do it, the level of detail that they follow differs from team to team. But what exactly is a Product Backlog Grooming ? Well, the Backlog Grooming is a process whereby, before the actual […]

Scrum: Ensuring that the Product Owner and the team don’t have a breakdown

And when I say breakdown, I don’t mean the nervous breakdown (although it does come to mind when you are working for a project where everything seems to tense, the project is behind schedule and the confidence level is low) :-). If you have been in Scrum teams where there is a lot of tense […]

Productivity boost: Not letting yourself get side-tracked by email all the time ..

In today’s world, especially for those folks who work in the high tech industry, there are a lot of distractions to getting their work done. With social networking sites, especially such networks as Facebook and Twitter taking up a large amount of time of people (and with studies now calculating that office workers can spend […]

Not pushing the team too hard – a fine balance that can be easy to miss – Part 4 ..

This is a series of posts (Previous post about a hard pushing manager) that I am writing about the morale issues we faced in a team that increased its productivity levels over a period of months, making it one of the most productive teams in the company. However, the issue was about whether we reached […]