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What is meant by network security?

Security is a thing of vital importance in every day’s life. One needs security in almost every pace of life and this holds good for networking too. Our lives are now so much involved with networking that we share a lot of personal info over the net for the various purposes such as social networking, […]

Give the characteristics of peer-to-peer network?

A P2P network or peer – to – peer network is a network in which a computer present in a network can either be made to as a server or as a client depending up on the requirement of the other computers present in the same network. – This provides a shared access to the […]

How is unit testing done in extreme programming?

What is Extreme Programming?

– Extreme programming is counted as one of the finest agile software development methodologies. – Extreme programming has proved to be a great methodology when it comes to making improvements in the software products as well as projects. – It has also been known for its quick responsiveness towards the changing […]

What is static unit testing?

With so much of complexity in programs, both dynamic unit testing and static unit testing are necessary. In this article we discuss exclusively up on static unit testing to have a better understanding of this methodology.

About Static Unit Testing

– Static unit testing involves testing of units or modules of the software system […]