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Scrum – Feedback from team members over having a PM officer associated with the team – Part 2

The previous post (Allowing a person from the PMO organization to be associated with the Scrum team – Part 1) focused on a Scrum team being told that they could have a Project/Program Management Officer who would help out in their team. For many teams in the organization, there was a recent move to move […]

Keeping a list of open items in a tool such as Excel for tracking purposes ..

This post offers some advice that is useful for everybody in a team, but is very relevant for those people who work for a role such as a Program Manager or a Project Manager, or the leads of team; essentially everybody who works in a role where they keep track of items rather than being […]

Getting a clear decision making process and implementing it to prevent rework – Part 2

In the previous post (Decision making process in the team – Part 1), I talked about some of the issues in the team where there can be conflict between the opinions of the experience designer and the product manager and trying to separate their responsibilities. The post started out by outlying some of these areas, […]

How to monitor the behaviour of a program to know it is working properly?

One of the biggest complaints of software customers is that the software that they are using does not work properly, and hence this is one of the biggest concerns for the makers of software. To know whether a program is working properly or not, its behaviour needs to be monitored. Certain conditions and criteria should […]