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Product Backlog Grooming and advantages to the Product Owner ..

There have been some posts in the past that talked about Product Backlog Grooming, and this post is a continuation of the articles on this subject. This post will cover some of the advantages that the Product Owner gets when the team is actively involved in a periodic Product Backlog Grooming with the Product Owner […]

What is a spiral model? What are steps involved in this model?

There arose a need in the area of the software development to have a combined advantage of bottom up approach and top down concepts. Eventually, a software development process was developed which had the combined advantage plus it also combined the elements of the prototyping in stages and design. This model is now popularly known […]

What is RAD (rapid application development)?

Nowadays, we come across so many software development models which provide so many sophisticated features at par with each other. RAD or rapid application development is one such development model or methodology to be precise. “The basic ideology behind the rapid application development methodology is employing minimal planning in the favor of rapid prototyping”.


What are principles of object oriented programming?

Earlier we had 2 major programming paradigms namely procedural programming paradigm and modular programming paradigms. Both of these paradigms could not model the real world very well and gave the data a second class status. The programming was actually focused up on the procedure of solving a particular problem rather focusing on the problem itself. […]