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Different types of software errors and handling them properly

Errors are a major headache to software programmers, developers as well as testers. They cause the whole software system or application to falter, produce unexpected results and cause the software to behave abnormally. Some errors cause more harm while some cause less, some of them are easy to discover whereas some are hideous and cause […]

Delivering to multiple clients – need to deliver through the Sprint rather than one deliverable at the end

We all learn things as we see stuff happening, and one of the items that I learnt was about a team that had changed to using the Scrum model of development, and was learning how to deal with multiple clients. Consider the case of large software companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and many others, where […]

What is code coverage ?

People know what software testing is, and most people in the profession can differentiate between white box and black box testing. However, when you get into more details, and look to identify how testing can provide even greater value, the benefit of measures such as code coverage become apparent. At the same time, there would […]

What’s the role of documentation in QA?

Sometimes, for people who are new to the software line (and specifically new to the testing business), there are questions about how important documentation would be to regular Quality work. After all, the major work is about testing some software and getting the bugs resolved, how important could testing be ? Well, the role of […]