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What is Data Format Description Language (DFDL)?

What is Data Format Description Language developed?

– DFDL or Data Format Description Language was originally known as the open grid forum. – Presently, it is defined as a modeling language that is used to give a description of general text as well as binary data in a standardized way. – Using a data format […]

What are the common types of linked data structures?

Linked data structures, though they sound to be quite simple but are quite difficult to be understood and implement. Here we discuss about the various types of linked data structures that are available. The most common ones are the linked lists and search trees.

About Linked List – a type of linked data structure

– […]

What are areas of risk management? What are limitations of risk analysis?

There are various areas where risk management holds very important and this is what we are going to discuss in this article:

1. Enterprise Risk Management: Here the risk in question is the one that has negative influences on an enterprise. The impact of the risks can affect the existence of the enterprise as well […]

What is the ARIES Recovery Algorithm ?

‘Algorithms for Recovery and Isolation Exploiting Semantics’, or ARIES is a recovery algorithm designed to work with a no-force, steal database approach; it is used by IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and many other database systems.

Three main principles lie behind ARIES: – Write ahead logging: Any change to an object is first recorded in […]