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What is a data model theory?

What is a Data Model?

– A data model of high level in any functional area or business can be considered to be an abstract model. – It helps in the documentation and organization of the business data in order to establish a communication link among the technical and functional people. – It also represents […]

What are data properties?

Data has got some properties which needs to be taken care of. These properties are like requirements which need to be met. For data, three types of properties have been defined as mentioned below: 1. Definition related properties 2. Content related properties and 3. Both definition and content related properties

Following are definition related properties: […]

How to organize data using a data base management system?

DBMS or Data base management system provides a set of programs which make it possible to carry out the following operations on the data base of a software system or application: 1. Storing the information 2. Modification of the information 3. Retrieval of the stored information and 4. Analyzation of the stored information

In addition […]

What are different types of data model?

The basic purpose of a data model is the business model integration which can also be called as the overview of the data modeling context. The details regarding the information or data that is to be stored is provided by the data model. The data model is required in the code generation phase of the […]