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Keep a check on the success rate of the builds on a regular basis ..

A build is critical to a software development program. Unless a regular build/installer comes on a regular frequency (we used to get a build every morning), it is difficult for the team to move ahead. The regular build incorporates the latest changes made by the development team, which includes both new code and defect fixes. […]

What is an Information Model?

In the field of software engineering, a great need was felt for a way to represent the concepts, relationships between them, rules, operations and constraints since all of these were required for the specification of the data semantics pertaining to a particular domain chosen of discourse. Thus, the information model was developed to keep up […]

What are Release Life Cycle Stages?

Release life cycle is associated with every software product release and can be summed up as its journey from its initial development to its final release. This cycle includes all the phases of development as well as the maturity of the computer software. Also, the latter part of the cycle includes the update version released […]

What happens when your product is not stable close to release date ? – Part 6

This is a series of short posts about the scenario where a product that decides the future of the company is being released, and how it can be difficult to make a decision about release vs. delay when there are suspicions that the quality of the product may not be as desired. In the previous […]