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How do satellite phones work?

– Satellite phone or telephone are type of mobile phones that work based on their connection to the satellites that orbit the earth rather than connecting to the cell sites situated on the surface of the earth. – In short, these phones are called as satphones. – The functionality and services provided by these phones […]

What are different characteristics of a firewall?

What is a Firewall?

– Firewall is considered to be the most important thing when security is the concern. – Firewalls help us to maintain the security of the network that we are using. – They work with the primary objective of controlling the outgoing and incoming traffic via analyzation of the data packets and […]

Explain Operating System Interface OSI Layer 5 – Session Layer

At the 5th number in the OSI model comes the session layer.

About Session Layer

– The purpose of this layer is to maintain a control over the connections that exist between the computers in a network. – It is this layer’s responsibility to create, manage as well as terminate a connection between the remote […]