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Scrum: When the team says that they don’t want to do a retrospective (contd..)

This is a continuation of a series of posts that talk about a Scrum team that wanted to stop doing retrospectives, where the Scrum Master was a colleague of mine, and he was a in a puzzle about what he should do, or whether he should do something. He did some discussion with the team, […]

What are best practices for VLAN Security?

Virtual local area networks or VLANs are also prone to many of the security issues. Till now a number of researches have been carried out regarding the security of the VLANs. From these researches, no intrinsic security reviews have emerged that would challenge the security of the VLANs. However, these researches do point out a […]

What is meant by propagation delay?

– In general, propagation delay is the time taken by the quantity for reaching its destination. – In the context of computer networks, amount of time taken by the head of the signal to reach to receiver from sender is termed as the propagation delay. – It can be defined as the ration of the […]

Give the characteristics of Communication Protocols?

A system of rules and digital message formats for the exchange of the messages in telecommunications and between different computing systems is called the communication protocol. A protocol can also be defined formally. Protocols may possess a number of capabilities few of which have been mentioned below: 1. Signaling 2. Authentication 3. Error detection and […]