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Handling risks within the Scrum team – Product Owner / Scrum Master / Who ?

Risk management is always a ticklish issue in terms of who drives the process and owns it. In a typical non-scrum project, the Project Manager is the one expected to drive and own the risk management process, and also has authority for ensuring that the risks that come up in the project are evaluated and […]

What are security issues with wireless transmission?

The way the communication takes place between the computers in a network is being rapidly affected by the wireless networking technology. At some point where the wireless network technology offers convenience in making connections between the networks via mobile computing devices, it has also introduced a number of security issues that one may not find […]

Ensuring that you get updated seeds of new operating systems – Part 1

For people who make software, ensuring that their software is being supported on the latest Operating Systems versions is really necessary. Why would this be so ? – Well, there are a number of people who prefer to quickly upgrade to the latest version of an Operating System since they believe that the latest version […]

What is meant by network security?

Security is a thing of vital importance in every day’s life. One needs security in almost every pace of life and this holds good for networking too. Our lives are now so much involved with networking that we share a lot of personal info over the net for the various purposes such as social networking, […]