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Radio Transmission – a type of wireless transmission

Today everyone is familiar with the term ‘radio’ because of the great aspect with which it has touched our lives. When we hear radio the first thing that comes to our mind is FM. Well this is not the only thing. There is much more to this concept. Radio is a type of wireless transmission.


What is meant by routing in a network?

Routing is one of the most important concepts of networking. It is actually a process of paths selection in a network via which the traffic can be sent. Routing can be carried out for a number of different kinds of networks. These networks might include the following: – Telephone network i.e., the circuit switching – […]

What is static unit testing?

With so much of complexity in programs, both dynamic unit testing and static unit testing are necessary. In this article we discuss exclusively up on static unit testing to have a better understanding of this methodology.

About Static Unit Testing

– Static unit testing involves testing of units or modules of the software system […]

What are different types of data model?

The basic purpose of a data model is the business model integration which can also be called as the overview of the data modeling context. The details regarding the information or data that is to be stored is provided by the data model. The data model is required in the code generation phase of the […]