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Baseband Coaxial Cable – a type of transmission media

– Base band coaxial cable is one of the most common types of transmission media. – Most of the times it is also called coax in short. – This is a type of very high capacity cabling and its use is widespread in the field of telephone signals transmission, digital audio signals and television signals […]

Fixed priority preemptive scheduling – a type of scheduling algorithm

– The scheduling disciplines or the algorithms are used wherever operating systems are involved. – This is so because the CPU time has to be allotted to the processes and threads. – In routers they are used for handling the traffic. – Other devices where scheduling disciplines are used are embedded systems, printers, disk drives […]

First In First Out – a type of scheduling algorithm

What is the use of Scheduling Algorithms?

– Another name for scheduling algorithms is the scheduling disciplines. – These algorithms are required for the distribution of the resources to the programs that request for them either simultaneously or asynchronously. – These algorithms are used both in operating systems and the routers. – In operating systems, […]

What Are MPLS Networks? How do they work?

About Multi–Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks

– MPLS or the Multi–Protocol label switching is the mechanism behind the high performance of the telecommunications networks that we use today. – The purpose of this mechanism is directing the data from one node of the network to the next one as per what are called the short […]