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Product Backlog Grooming: When to schedule during the Sprint

The Sprint is the over-riding cycle during the entire cycle. The schedule is broken up into multiple Sprints (of a desired time duration for each Sprint) and the work to be done during each Sprint (and the following Sprints) is decided by the Product Owner in terms of a prioritized Product Backlog. In the Sprint […]

Microwave Transmission – a type of wireless transmission

– A type of wireless communication is the microwave transmission. – The technology concerning the transmission of the energy or the information through radio waves (microwaves to be particular) is called the microwave transmission. – Microwaves are the waves whose wavelengths can be measured in few centimeters. – The microwaves lie in the frequency range […]

Deadlock Management Strategies – Deadlock Avoidance

Deadlock Avoidance is another approach towards the elimination of the deadlock problems. – Deadlocks are also quite common as in the case of the distributed systems (in this case called the distributed deadlocks). – Deadlock avoidance is a type of deadlock management strategy that involves anticipation of the deadlock before its actual occurrence. – This […]

Deadlock Management Strategies – Deadlock Prevention

Deadlocks occur if and only if all the four Coffman conditions are met. Preventing a deadlock is possible if any one or more of these conditions are not satisfied. Deadlock prevention is thus a very important part of the deadlock management strategies.

Elimination of the Mutual Exclusion Condition: – The condition of the mutual exclusion […]