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What is Data Format Description Language (DFDL)?

What is Data Format Description Language developed?

– DFDL or Data Format Description Language was originally known as the open grid forum. – Presently, it is defined as a modeling language that is used to give a description of general text as well as binary data in a standardized way. – Using a data format […]

What is a Database Application? How is Testing done at the Database layer?

Database applications are more famous than any other kind of software systems or applications. “A data base application is just like any other computer but with the purpose of retrieving and entering the information from and in to a data base managed by a computer system”. Accounting systems and railway and airline reservation system present […]

Database (DBMS) Languages

Once the design of the database is completed and a DBMS is chosen to implement the database, the next step is to define the conceptual and internal schema for the data and any mappings between the two. The languages that are used to do so are :

• Data Definition Language (DDL): To specify the […]

Database System Concepts – Data Model, Schemas and Database state

A data model is a collection of concepts that can be used to describe the structure of a database. By structure of the database we mean the data types, relationships, and constraints that should hold on the data. Most data models also include a set of basic operations for specifying retrievals and updates on database.