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Getting evaluation from new team about usefulness of Scrum

When a team, that has been working using the traditional Waterfall software development model switches over to the Scrum development methodology, it is a big change. It needs training, some hand holding and some initial periods when the team may not be so effective till it starts getting into its stride and shows an increase […]

Scrum implementation – making sure that everybody is bought in

This situation can happen many times, and the problems that come up follow a similar pattern, and yet people just don’t learn. Why starting a post on such a pessimistic tone ? Well, I was looking at the experiences of some teams with regard to Scrum, and there was the familiar problem of the Scrum […]

Scrum: Role of the managers in the department after introduction of Scrum

Before a team changes over to using Scrum as their development methodology, the role of the managers tend to be critical. They are typically busy the whole time (even though the team would joke about the manager pushing the team hard and relaxing themselves); this gets to be very critical when the schedule is under […]

Scrum: Have a coach for the initial period of time and then evaluate whether coach is needed

A lot of teams have adopted the Scrum based development model. Now, there are a few processes that are intrinsic to Scrum, but some of the key properties that distinguish Scrum from Waterfall and other development models are: – The team is empowered and decision making happens from the team, not from a Project Manager […]