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Measuring the velocity of an individual of the Scrum team ? Don’t !

Scrum works on the basis of team work, of the Scrum team working together as a team. However, this concept is getting badly shaken with more organizations trying to take a strict line in terms of measuring the performance of their employees, and granting rewards in terms of stock options and salary increases based on […]

Scrum: Trying to track the velocity at an individual basis

It has long been stated that if you want to figure out how to improve the productivity of the team, you need to look at tracking the productivity of each team member, looking at places where their productivity can be improved. This is also related to tracking their actual work taken against estimates that they […]

Scrum: When the team says that they don’t want to do a retrospective (contd..)

I wrote a post that talked about teams which felt that they did not want to go through the retrospective (teams opting out of doing the retrospective), and the conclusion in the post was that if the team felt it was right to do so, then the Scrum Master should not interfere in the decision, […]

Scrum: Do as per expectations, but is that less ..

The situation that I am going to describe can be somewhat interesting, and also very frustrating for a scrum team. One of the biggest problems that a Scrum team can face is about getting their estimation right, which means that the team delivers as per what they have estimated, and they continue to do this […]