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Getting evaluation from new team about usefulness of Scrum

When a team, that has been working using the traditional Waterfall software development model switches over to the Scrum development methodology, it is a big change. It needs training, some hand holding and some initial periods when the team may not be so effective till it starts getting into its stride and shows an increase […]

Some advantages from Swarming (scrum) …

The previous post in this topic was about Swarming in the Scrum team and what it is about. This post looks at some of the advantages that Swarming brings to a Scrum team (alert: Unfortunately, the very nature of trying to describe advantages makes the use of some jargon type phrases as required, so please […]

Scrum – What is Swarming and is it useful ?

How many of you have heard of the concept of Swarming ? Even if you have not heard of this concept, it is possible that you would have done something similar to this as part of the Scrum team. In a typical day of Scrum teams, various teams work on their own tasks, which may […]

One expert in the Scrum team – Part 2

This is a continuation of the Part 1 of this article (Expert in the Scrum team – Part 1); the topic of this series of articles is interesting and different from some of the other articles that have appeared here. When you have such a skilled expert within the team that he / she tends […]