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Handling risks within the Scrum team – Product Owner / Scrum Master / Who ?

Risk management is always a ticklish issue in terms of who drives the process and owns it. In a typical non-scrum project, the Project Manager is the one expected to drive and own the risk management process, and also has authority for ensuring that the risks that come up in the project are evaluated and […]

Daily Scrum meeting – Should one have it standing ?

A number of teams call the Daily Scrum meeting as a stand-up meeting, thus making it clear about their preference that the meeting attendees be all standing up (even if they are present in a well equipped meeting room with nice comfy chairs). The idea is that having everybody stand in the meeting makes it […]

Preventing the Daily Scrum meeting from becoming a chore …

This tends to fall towards becoming somewhat of a controversial topic. The Daily Scrum meeting is one of the most important meetings to happen during the Sprint cycle, happening on a daily basis, even if the meeting is of a short duration. The Daily Scrum meeting is essentially a quick meeting where the team gathers […]

Product Backlog Grooming: Some problems (or disadvantages) that may crop up ..

Product Backlog Grooming is a way to ensure that the team spends the required time (the team means the Scrum team along with the Product Owner and the Scrum Master) on preparing, reviewing and refining the User Stories. It is the common perception that the User Stories are prepared by the Product Owner, and that […]