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What are the types of functional testing?

– Functional testing involves testing the system’s functional requirements and gives a measure as to how well the system is executing its functions. – These are inclusive of data manipulation and searches, user commands, business processes, integration, user screens and so on. – Functional specifications are provided by the clients that are used in testing. […]

What is a certificate authority?

– Certificate authority or CA in short is the entity that is responsible for issuing the digital certificates to the users. – CA is an important part of the cryptography. – The purpose of a digital certificate is to verify the identity of the owner of the public key by means of the named subject. […]

What is the need of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology?

About Power over Ethernet

– PoE or Power over Ethernet gives a description of the standardized system developed for passing electrical power side by side with data over the Ethernet cables. – The major advantage of this technology is that both the data and electricity can be provided to the networking devices such as closed […]

Explain InterVLAN Routing?

InterVLAN routing is one of major concepts that should be understood in order to understand the working of VLANs. For all the devices lying within a VLAN, Layer 3 routing is not required for communicating with one another. On the other hand, the devices that are located in separate VLANs, a layer 3 routing device […]