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Spending time planning in current Sprint for the next Sprint

This is one of those concepts where most experts are in agreement. When a project schedule is divided into multiple Sprints, the work done for a Sprint is typically set in the initial meetings, where the team does task estimation (am not getting into details in this post) for the tasks to be done in […]

Ensuring some time in the current Sprint for planning for the next one

We were having a discussion with a few project managers about one of the biggest problems that we could see in terms of usage of the Scrum model for some of our teams / products, especially the ones that were more complex. And then we realized that the problem was not with the Scrum process […]

How does the Scrum team decrease the difference between Capacity and Velocity (contd..) ?

In the previous post, we talked about about the dependencies and design issues (improving the Velocity of your Scrum team) that can impact the efficiency of the Scrum team and how to monitor them to improve them. In this post, we will talk about these and some more factors that need to be monitored to […]

How does the Scrum team decrease the difference between Capacity and Velocity (contd..) ?

This is another post in a series of posts that talk about how to improve the Velocity of the team (read the last post on the same topic). In this post, I will mention a few points that can be focused on in terms of how to improve the Velocity of the team: – Ensure […]