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Product Backlog Grooming – making attendance voluntary for team members

I have put in a number of previous posts that talk about Backlog Product Grooming, but this post is different. Some of the feedback I have received talks about a process where the Backlog Product Grooming is not a meeting where the entire Scrum team attends, instead attendance is voluntary. The major difference in this […]

Does a smaller size of Sprint mean more overhead ?

In the organization where I work, most of the Sprint cycles are 3-4 weeks long. When trying to determine the size of what a Sprint should be, most teams new to Scrum do not have any great planning process on how to determine the size of the Sprint cycle, and decide based on their talking […]

How to define tasks for a User Story without spending a fair amount of time on these ?

We seem to find ourselves running into a fundamental problem during out Sprint planning meetings. Some of it is from our older methods, but partially it also seems to be a problem with the way we are using our Scrum processes. Consider the process before getting into Scrum. We would have a list of features […]

Scrum – When the Product Owner finds it difficult to attend the meetings (Sprint Planning, Retrospective, Demo, and Daily Scrum)

This subject is probably one of the most debated and disputed topics in the entire discussion about Scrum. How many meetings should the Product Owner attend ? If you look at Scrum, there are these set of meetings: – Sprint Planning: In this meeting (or rather, extended meeting), the Product Owner explains the various User […]