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What bugs are caused by improperly normalized databases?

Mistakes done while programming the data base application, storing, modifying, updating, deleting or retrieving are sure to reflect on the performance and the quality of the data base and data base applications. In this article we shall state about what kind of bugs can be introduced if the normalization of the data base has not […]

What are basic principles of data structures? What language supports data structures?

Basic Principles of Data Structures

– Data structures are based on the computer system’s ability of fetching and storing the data at and from any place in the memory. – It is specified by a unique address which can further be manipulated by the software system or application. – Data structures like arrays and records […]

What is meant by Normalization? What are the First, 2nd and 3rd Normal Form?

What is Database Normalization?

– Data base normalization is the process that involves the organization of the tables and fields of an RDB i.e., relational data base in order to minimize the dependency as well as redundancy. – The process of normalization actually involves the division of larger tables in to smaller ones which are […]

What are basic SQL statements for Testing?

SQL or structured query language lend an extra power to the testers for testing the data base effectively.

What is a Structured Query Language (SQL)?

– Structured query language is needed whenever it is required to verify the work flow in the automated systems coupled to data bases. – It becomes the responsibility of […]