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Deadlock Management Strategies – Deadlock Prevention

Deadlocks occur if and only if all the four Coffman conditions are met. Preventing a deadlock is possible if any one or more of these conditions are not satisfied. Deadlock prevention is thus a very important part of the deadlock management strategies.

Elimination of the Mutual Exclusion Condition: – The condition of the mutual exclusion […]

What is a computer network? What are the roles and responsibilities of a network?

The term computer network stands for a collection of computer systems and their various hardware. All the computers in a network have an interconnection among them which is established through communication channels. The resources as well as the information are transmitted and received through these channels only. In every computer system in the network, there […]

What is Dynamic Unit Testing?

Dynamic unit testing shares a part of the verification and validation process with static unit testing. These two testing methodologies are complementary to each other.

About Dynamic Unit Testing

– Dynamic unit testing is related to the explanation of how the software behaves dynamically. – Dynamic variables drives the whole dynamic unit testing. – […]

What are major elements of Core Architecture Data Model?

What is Core Architecture Data Model?

– Core architecture data model is the DoDAF’s data model which it uses for defining the data entities of the architecture including their attributes and relationships among them. – The grammar is essentially specified for the community. – This model consists of a set containing verbs, nouns and adjectives […]