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About International Standard ISO/IEC 25000:2005

ISO/IEC 25000: 2005 standard was created for providing the guidance regarding the usage of the new series of the international standards commonly called as SQuaRE. Full form for this acronym is “software product quality requirements and evaluation”.

Overview of SQuaRE

– It offers the following things:

Terms and definition Reference model General guide Individual […]

About International Standard ISO/IEC 12119

– The ISO/IEC 12119 standard was created to deal with the issues concerning the software packages that have been delivered to the client. – This standard has nothing to do with the production process of the customer, client, person or organization to which the software has been delivered. – ISO/IEC 12119 standard is focused up […]

About International Standard ISO/IEC 9241(part 11 of this standard)

– ISO (international organization for standardization) developed a multi-part standard that covered the ergonomics of the interaction between the humans and the systems. – This standard is called the ISO/IEC 924 standard. – ISO technical committee 159 is responsible for the management of this standard. – Some parts of the standard were renumbered in order […]

About International Standard ISO/IEC 9126

– The international standard ISO/IEC 9126 is associated with the product quality in the field of software engineering. – This standard was developed with the fundamental objective of addressing some very common human biases that are said to have an adverse effect of the perception with which the software is developed and its delivery as […]