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What is Dynamic Unit Testing?

Dynamic unit testing shares a part of the verification and validation process with static unit testing. These two testing methodologies are complementary to each other.

About Dynamic Unit Testing

– Dynamic unit testing is related to the explanation of how the software behaves dynamically. – Dynamic variables drives the whole dynamic unit testing. – […]

What is static unit testing?

With so much of complexity in programs, both dynamic unit testing and static unit testing are necessary. In this article we discuss exclusively up on static unit testing to have a better understanding of this methodology.

About Static Unit Testing

– Static unit testing involves testing of units or modules of the software system […]

What are different kinds of static analysis testing tools?

The effectiveness of a software testing methodology is obviously affected by the effectiveness of the tools that it uses. This holds true for all types of software testing methodologies. Better tools provide a better handling of the testing methodology and also saves the time of the tester and his/her efforts. This article is devoted to […]

An explanation of the concepts of static analysis testing

A software system or application indeed consists of many bugs and errors which cannot be rooted out using just one software testing methodology. Each aspect of a software system is tested by a uniquely defined testing methodology for it. As a result, many software testing and analysis methodologies have been developed and static analysis is […]