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What is meant by memory management?

Memory management is about managing the memory of the computer system.

“Providing ways for the dynamic allocation of the memory blocks to the applications when they request for it and freeing these blocks after use so that they can be again used by some other processes forms an essential part of the memory management concept”. […]

The overlay concept in memory management

Memory is a vital element and central also. Memory can be thought of as an array of many locations having their own addresses.

About Memory Management

– The processes interact with each other through a sequence of read and write operations at the specific address spaces. – The program is fetched by the operating […]

What are wireless link characteristics?

Wireless LANs are very common and useful. All this communication is established over a wireless link which is also a great primary challenge to the wireless network. Another primary challenge is posed by the mobility i.e., the mobile phone users keep changing their position with respect to the network. WLANs are also prevalent at many […]

What are different characteristics of TFTP protocol?

– Trivial file transfer protocol or the TFTP protocol is a quite simple FTP i.e., a file transfer protocol. – This protocol has been designed for the purpose of transferring the boot files and configuration files among the machines present in a particular environment in an automated way. – TFTP has got many limitations when […]