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What is meant by Network Resilience?

Resilience is one of the three important factors concerning networking. In this article we focus up on the network resilience.

About Network Resilience

– In terms of computer networking, it can be defined as the ability of a network by virtue of which it provides as well as maintains the service levels in case of […]

What is RAD model? What are phases in RAD model?

RAD or rapid application development is a recent methodology introduced in the field of software development. Big institutes and software firms such as Microsoft, IBM and so on still rely on the slow paced traditional software development methodologies for the development of their software products.

However, the benefits of the rapid application development methodology […]

A brief summary of design engineering

Design Engineering is a process used by software engineers which encompass the set of principles, concepts and practices that result in the development of a high quality system or product. Design Engineering is the point which actually has a great role in determining the quality of the software, and a careful review of the design […]