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Being able to take features from Tech Support to the product …

In the previous post (Interaction between the Tech Support team and the Product development team), I talked about ensuring that there is an interaction between the Tech Support team and the Product development team, since this allows the passing on of ideas between both teams, especially related to customer interaction and top issues from the […]

Working on a closer interaction between the Tech Support team and the product development team

These are typically 2 separate teams. The product development team is the core team responsible for the development of the current and future versions of the product, while the tech support teams can be external to the company or employees of the company. They are typically expert in the area of tech support and handling […]

Scrum challenges – Handling cases where the same team has to work on feature development and also support of previous versions and fixing bugs – Part 3

There are 2 previous posts in this series about Scrum and Production Issues, and I thought that I would end with these. However, it did turn out that when I was discussing the issues about Production Support and Scrum with some team members, and also with some other ScrumMasters in the team, there are some […]