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Measuring the velocity of an individual of the Scrum team ? Don’t !

Scrum works on the basis of team work, of the Scrum team working together as a team. However, this concept is getting badly shaken with more organizations trying to take a strict line in terms of measuring the performance of their employees, and granting rewards in terms of stock options and salary increases based on […]

Scrum: It causes divas to get exposed on a daily basis

You know those kind of people, they exist in almost every software team. Typically folks with more experience and well feted, they are truly the divas of the team. In a majority of the case, the reputation is well deserved, and they do a lot for the teams that they are working in. However, once […]

Scrum: When a new person joins the team

It can be interesting when you consider how different Scrum is from the other software development methodologies. And I have seen interesting cases where have joined the organization fresh out of engineering college, and typically coverage of Scrum or other Agile concepts are not so common place in college syllabus. As a result, when such […]

Scrum: Should not discourage the Scrum team members in the Daily Scrum meeting ..

There are all sorts of people who you can be working with; some of them can be pretty accomplished at what they do, others are not so good. But that is the nature of the software development field, for every person who is an expert, there will be more people who are not so expert, […]