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Scrum: It causes divas to get exposed on a daily basis

You know those kind of people, they exist in almost every software team. Typically folks with more experience and well feted, they are truly the divas of the team. In a majority of the case, the reputation is well deserved, and they do a lot for the teams that they are working in. However, once […]

Scrum: Should not discourage the Scrum team members in the Daily Scrum meeting ..

There are all sorts of people who you can be working with; some of them can be pretty accomplished at what they do, others are not so good. But that is the nature of the software development field, for every person who is an expert, there will be more people who are not so expert, […]

Working on a closer interaction between the Tech Support team and the product development team

These are typically 2 separate teams. The product development team is the core team responsible for the development of the current and future versions of the product, while the tech support teams can be external to the company or employees of the company. They are typically expert in the area of tech support and handling […]

Scrum: Testing getting done by the end of the Sprint / Or not

The question of testing tasks and Scrum is one of the questions that keeps on popping up at regular intervals. Teams that are initiating Scrum as their development process, or those that are running in a situation where there is a lot of focus on development tasks and less so on testing tasks have a […]