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Multiple Scrum teams on the same project – handling the timing of meeting separately ..

Typically, the normal concept of a the Daily Scrum team meetings is that only those people who are Scrum team members would attend the meeting along with the Scrum Master. Others who could attend the meeting include the Product Owner and designers who work with the PO and the team. At the same time, there […]

What are the application areas of spiral model? What are advantages and disadvantages of spiral model?

Along with the other traditional software development models such as waterfall model, v model and so on, spiral model also has been a favorite of the software developers and programmers. It became so popular because of its characteristic ability to combine the advantages of both the top down as well as bottom up approaches.


Working on new technologies – Review past projects and get information from them and other sources – Part 1

Consider the case where your team gets a new project and the technology used is pretty new to your team, and to compound it, there are no people in your team who have experience related to these types of projects ? So what do you do ? You and your team need to prepare a […]

What is the ARIES Recovery Algorithm ?

‘Algorithms for Recovery and Isolation Exploiting Semantics’, or ARIES is a recovery algorithm designed to work with a no-force, steal database approach; it is used by IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and many other database systems.

Three main principles lie behind ARIES: – Write ahead logging: Any change to an object is first recorded in […]